#PORTRAIT #Philippe Mercier, Business Development Manager

Version Française

« When we have the best offer on the market, it needs to be known »

Philippe Mercier has worked more than 10 years for a worldwide company located in Paris area before moving to Galland company in 2018 as Business Development Manager. There, he has found a human scale company with a unique know-how. An industry flagship « à la française » which deserves to expand its international visibility!

« I was born in Paris and I spent most of my professional life there. After education focused on « International Business », I joined seamless steel pipe world leader. I started as sales assistant, then I quickly realized that I found my path; therefore, I provided lots of efforts to get promotion. I had the opportunity to progress as Europe/Africa Sales Manager for petrochemical, line-pipe and power plant. And I wanted to transmit, to join a company in another area and call on my 10 years’ experience. Position offered by Galland met my requirements. »


« To promote products, we manufactured »

« This is a company with a family history, around fifty employees and a French industrial flagship in region! I have always liked the idea to promote products we manufacture. This is very exciting! It’s all very fine and well to manufacture the best catenary equipment, it is also necessary to know how to sell it… and not only in France. A huge part of my mission consists of processing business intelligence to build our development with lots of information: for example, to identify projects of new lines enabling to be more reactive on future enquiries many years before. I support also salespeople on some topics such as legal contract, negotiations and I am always ready to assist them locally during a customer visit, all around the world. »

« We are moving in the right direction »

« Galland has potential for improvement in worldwide business yet. Some countries are fast growing when others electrify old lines, not forgetting maintenance necessary for proper operations of railways. Besides, Galland has a recognized expertise in these activities for a while. We maintain our technological advantage; but we must now move up a gear on sales side by improving proximity with our customers and make them partners. The target is to go over the archaic model « customer-supplier », this thanks to a motivated agents and distributors network. The contract award of Mauritius Express Metro or the development of our Chinese entity show that we are moving in the right direction. »


1984: born in Paris
1,84 m: his height
Specific sign: big fan of US Basketball, he has played for many years. He supports Utah Jazz and get informed about NBA games results.

Globetrotter, he has chance to taste gastronomy of many countries such as India, Japan, Equator, Canada and also South Africa and Namibia.