« All aboard for a great adventure »

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Claude Cautain is behind the wheel at GALLAND since 1 September 2020. He takes over from Philippe D’huy, the managing director for 32 years. The passing of the baton between the two men was a natural and easy-going process.


“Philippe and I are a two-person team for three months managing the company. He is accompanying me during this initial period as manager. We share a common vision of this company and…we both come from Choisy le Roi : which is an extra guarantee that the handover will be a continuation !”


A solid background….in metal !

I was born in Le Creusot, in the birthplace of the metallurgical industry.  My studies at the École Nationale d’Ingénieurs in Belfort and subsequently at the École Supérieure de Fonderie gave me the necessary tools for developing my metalworking company. I have worked for industrialists and investors in the luxury real estate sector in Paris. Between 2005 and 2010 the Bélier group, until quite recently close to the GALLAND family, asked me to manage the growth of its Chinese subsidiary. When I think of it, I was destined to get on board the Galland company train !


“GALLAND is and must remain an essential player”

It is with great pride that I take over the management of a structured, competitive, innovative company of this size, which is present in over 25 countries. But if GALLAND has become an essential player in the catenary sector, it’s also because the women and men of this company are totally committed to it, and this is an inspiration to me! I thank them for the excellent welcome they have given me at La Lande de Fronsac and I will do everything in my power to keep the adventure we share on track. “


Born in Le Creusot (Saône-et-Loire region)

Distinguishing feature : mad about machine tools (conventional millers & turners) and uses soldering

His sport : Vintage 60s motorcycle competition

His favorite English motorcycle : a 1330 “grey flash-colored” Vincent, built by Patrick Godet